Facts and fallacies of handmade soaps

In this post, I am trying to clarify some doubts people asked me about handmade soaps. Other experienced soap makers may have discussed these before.These are my personal opinions.  Fallacy 1: Handmade soaps are expensive There are a few people who think that handmade soaps are too expensive. They often compare handmade soaps with the bulk-made 3 or 4 pack soaps which are cheaply available in supermarkets. In my opinion handmade soaps are expensive, but affordable. Lets do some calculation. 100g of handmade soap costs about 5-8 dollars. Taking the higher end: Handmade Soaps Supermarket soap bar  Supermarket beauty bar Price: $8.00/100gm Price: $3.25/100gm Price:$1.8/100gm $ 2.00 weekly 80 cents weekly 45 cents weekly 28 cents daily 11 cents daily 6 cents daily *For simplicity I assume all soaps last for 4 weeks. Company soaps will last longer than handmade soaps due to the ingredients. When using handmade soaps, you are spending 28 cents daily.This is the cost you are spending each da
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